Iouri Chadrine Resume
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Iouri Chadrine 2265 Pasadena Way
Weston, FL 33327
Phone: (954) 274-8134
Objective To obtain a full-time position that would allow career growth and continuous learning.
Well Rounded - Able to determine the feasibility of implementing an idea, estimate the efforts involved, visualize and architect a solution, explain it to a developer or team of developers, plan and supervise the development process. And at the same time, able to perform most of the development tasks myself.

Quick Learner - Seek to identify patterns in everything, then quickly master them, and advance to more challenging assignments.

Natural Leader - Able to make a decision and take responsibility for it, but still listen to other solutions and able to admit when wrong.

People Skills - Friendly, social, respectful, inspiring, funny, team player.
Skills Programming Languages
  • Java, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Pascal, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, JSP, Servlets, ASP, VBScript, Action Script

  • Web Development
  • Front-End (HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery), Back-End (LAMP/.NET)

  • Database Management

  • Operating Systems
  • MS Windows 3.11/95/96/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Linux/Unix
  • Mac OS X

  • Information Security
  • Web Applications
  • Thick Clients
  • Mobile Applications(iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
  • Infrastructure (Linux)

  • Hardware
  • Build / Customize / Maintain Computer Systems
  • Work
    08/2015 - Present     CITI    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Sr. Information Security Analyst

    Created, implemented, and managed a new automation initiative.
  • Performed automated assessments for entire team.
  • Improved scan quality, performance, and efficiency.
  • Hosted many training sessions.
  • Managed a team of scanners.
  • Worked with scanning software vendor to report issues and suggest improvements.
  • Developed additional software and methodology to extend and/or create new features to facilitate better assessments.

  • 07/2012 - 08/2015     CITI    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Sr. Information Security Analyst

    Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Performed automated and manual security checks on wide-range of financial applications. (mobile,desktop,web)
  • Managed business communication and expectations.
  • Developped number of automation scripts.
  • Pioneered mobile testing within my team.

  • 08/2011 - 07/2012     Zumba Fitness LLC    Hallandale Beach, FL
    Responsible for long term development projects, short term assignments, and day to day maintenance and service for a company website and back-end processes.

  • Translations (Magnolia Integration)
  • [Groovy] - Import/Export process that exported Magnolia pages in XML format that was compatible with 3rd party vendor that performed translations.

  • Translations (Cron)
  • [LAMP] - A process that would uload/download/cancel translation submissions.

  • Affiliate Shop Integration
  • [LAMP/jQuery/CSS/HTML] - Integrated affiliate functionality into existing shopping cart application.

  • Affiliate Batch Generation & Processing
  • [LAMP] - A process to generate batches that could be consumed by a vendor that managed payments/weclome kits to affiliates.

    05/2011 - 08/2011     BOLD Interactive    Miami, FL
    Owner/Independent Contractor
    Looking for any freelance/contract projects. I am able to work independently or as a part of the team.

  • Front-end (Standards/jQuery/+)
  • Back-end (PHP/.NET/+)
  • Tech Leading (feasibility, estimation, planning/architecture, resource management, security, optimization, hosting, deployment, maintenance, monitoring)

  • 05/2010 - 05/2011     Crispin Porter + Bogusky      Miami, FL
    Technical Lead
    Responsible for the underlying architecture for the software program, as well as for overseeing the work being done by any other software engineers working on the project. In addition, serve as an interface between the programmers and management and have supervisorial responsibilities in delegating work and ensuring that software projects come in on time and under budget. Serve as technical adviser to management and provide programming perspective on requirements.

  • [] - Burger King Corporation
  • [.NET/HTML/CSS/jQuery] - Served as a Tech Lead of all of Worked with numerous departments to provide technical guidance from idea conception/prototyping, through development, to live. Performed front-end dev, back-end dev, server updates, monitoring, and maintenance. Planned, architected, and guided the team of developers through numerous projects. Was able to fullfill all of technical needs for with limited support.

  • [] - CP+B
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX/FLASH] - Started as a lead developer for the site. Moved on to be a 'to-go' person for all of maintenance/enhancement needs.

  • [] - Best Buy
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX/FLASH] - Lead a team through a development cycle, managed hosting, setup stage/production environment, performed code review, performed deploy, maintained and monitored post deploy.

  • [] - Old Navy (Old Navy Weekly Campaign)
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX/FLASH] - Performed weekly tasks to load new content, worked with a flash developer to integrate, performed weekly multi-server deploys, maintained, and monitored the project.

  • [] - Old Navy (Barker Campaign)
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX/FLASH] - Transition all the services from to be used in a new Flash component from a facebook fan page tab. Maintenance, monitoring, and weekly deploys remained largely the same.

  • [] - Sports Hex
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX] - Developed front-end, back-end services to work with an iphone app, setup stage/production environment, deployed, monitored, and maintained the project.

    12/2006 - 05/2010     Crispin Porter + Bogusky      Miami, FL
    Interactive Developer
    Responsible for creating robust interactive experiences, products and/or services digitally; including design, programming, testing and publishing on-line experiences that adhere to the creative design of the product and/or service.

  • [] - Conagra Foods (SHAA Chapter Page)
  • [HTML/CSS] - Developed a custom mySpace layout for a group page that went beyond possible.

  • [] - Conagra Foods (SHAA - Doug Pedersen)
  • [HTML/CSS] - Developed a custom mySpace layout for a group page that went beyond possible.

  • [] - Conagra Foods (SHAA - Adam Lustick)
  • [HTML/CSS] - Developed a custom mySpace layout for a group page that went beyond possible.

  • [] - Conagra Foods (SHAA - Scare Sasquatch)
  • [HTML/CSS] - Developed a custom mySpace layout for a group page that went beyond possible.

  • [] - Haggar - Store Locator
  • [LAMP] - Converted a set of stand-alone HTML files into a dynamic PHP driven Store Locator with an Admin Section.

  • [] - CP+B (The Site)
  • [LAMP] - Performed content updates.

  • [] - VW (Numerous Projects)
  • [LAMP/Flash/JS] - Worked on almost all sections of the website. Responsible for most of JS functionality. Wrote PHP scripts to minimize manual labor and automate numerous tasks. Performed content and design changes. Worked on full flash to standards optimization/conversion.

  • [] - Conagra Foods (SHAA)
  • [HTML/CSS/JS] - Performed content updates.

  • [] - Conagra Foods (SHAA - Monster Page)
  • [HTML/CSS/JS] - Built a Monster section.

  • [] - CokeZero (SueZero)
  • [LAMP] - Implemented full site design based on provided PSD. Wrote all of back-end functionality.

  • [] - CP+B (Napkin)
  • [LAMP] - Implemented front-end and back-end for an internal project. Users could upload an image and some additional copy and see those in a gallery. Admin module allowed moderation.

  • [] - CP+B (DFX Page)
  • [FLASH] - Implemented a PSD design as a flash micro site to showcase works of a DFX department of CPB.

  • [] - Dominos (BFD & Nutrition Calculator)
  • [JS/PHP] - Maintained a JS based nutrition calculator. Made numerous JS updates and rebuilt XML data (using PHP) due to new products/business requirements.

  • [] - Dominos (BFD)
  • [PHP] - Built back-end services and admin tool to work with a flash component that allowed users to build and save their favorite pizzas.

  • [] - VW (WTPW Campaign)
  • [LAMP] - Built back-end services and admin section for a very popular VW campaign.

  • [] - MSFT (Windows 7)
  • [.NET] - Debugged and performed updates.

  • [] - MSFT (I'M A PC)
  • [.NET/JS] - Implemented a JS prototype built by an external vendor.

  • [] - MSFT (Rookies)
  • [.NET/HTML/CSS/JS] - Built all of front-end and worked with a team of .NET developers to integrate.

  • [] - MSFT (Laptop Hunters)
  • [.NET/HTML/CSS/JS] - Built all of front-end and worked with a team of .NET developers to integrate.

  • [] - VW (TDI Blog)
  • [LAMP] - Debugged the site. Built a "Diesel Tracker" widget (front/back-end).

  • [] - AMEX (Open Forum)
  • [jQuery/HTML/CSS] - Wrote jQuery plugin and wrote some markup for a few sections/pages. Modified a wordpress blog installation to include some additional features.

  • [] - CP+B (Website Beta)
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX/FLASH] - Lead the development of the BETA. Used CakePHP for back-end framework. Wrote crawler logic for continuous data mining for site content.

  • [] - CP+B (New and Improved Website)
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX/FLASH] - Lead the transition from BETA to WWW. Worked with a front-end developer to integrate the old back-end with new front-end. Maintained both front/back-end afterwards.

  • [] - Dominos (Show Us Your Pizza)
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX] - Built back-end services, admin module, and worked with a front-end developer to integrate. Made numerous performance adjustments to JS/jQuery code, performed hosting planning and acquisition, performed code-review, worked with external vendor to setup stage/production environments, and performed a deployment of the site. Was responsible for continuous maintenance and monitoring of the site for the life of the campaign.

  • [] - Dominos (Pizza Priverbs)
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX] - Performed a stage/production environment setup, deployed the website, monitored, and maintained.

  • [] - Angels Envy
  • [LAMP] - Built back-end services, admin module, integrated front-end with backend, setup stage/production environment, deployed, maintained, and monitored.

  • [] - Alex Bogusky
  • [LAMP/WordPress] - Supervised the WordPress customization, setup stage/production environment, performed numerous deploys, maintained, and monitored website.

  • [] - Humana
  • [LAMP/jQuery/HTML/CSS/AJAX] - Built back-end services and admin module, worked with a flash/front-end developer to integrate, maintained, and monitored website.

    07/2003 - 12/2006     Self      Miami, FL
    Web Developer / Math and Stats Tutor
  • Develop database driven websites for general public. Recent jobs accepted include an advertisement website for local realtor, [registration module] for Florida International University, and two of my own ideas. [FTC], [VBB]
  • Worked with people of all ages to improve over all math / stats level, prepare for standardized exams, finals.

  • 05/2003 - 07/2003    RK Liquidators   Miami, FL
    Web Developer
  • Designed, developed and implemented a full fledged web store written in PHP with MySQL database. []

  • 03/2003 - 04/2003    Florida International University   Miami, FL
    Web Developer
  • Designed and Implemented [Registration Module] for Biology extra credit lab. The functional part was done in ASP (VB Script) and backed by Microsoft Access Database.

  • 06/2000 - 04/2003    Florida International University   Miami, FL
    Math / Stats Tutor
  • Helped students to understand math/stats concepts. Substituted for professors,as it was needed. Prepared booklets to help student to summarize information. Taught several workshops.
  • Education 09/1999 - 03/2003    Florida International University    Miami, FL
    BS / Computer Science (Major) / Mathematics (Minor) - Graduated

    09/1998 - 05/1999    Fairleigh Dickinson University    Madison, NJ
    BS / Computer Science - transfered
  • Algorithms Analysis & Optimization
  • Architecture & Planning of Interactive Solutions
  • Manufacturing of Computer Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Poker
  • References
  • Diminos (BFD)
  • Languages
  • Russian (native)
  • English (fluent)