Iouri Chadrine Projects
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Name Purpose Description
VBB Personal I cannot say much about it. It is web based and I worked on is since 12/05/2001. I am projecting to release it to public this New Years.
FTC Personal This will be the website to organize my progress as a math tutor. It will describe the available tutoring options and will allow people to submit request for a particular service.

Can you do web design?
      I am seriously thinking about doing web design for money. I am starting out with this two projects to boost my current emplyment and to be an advertisement for what I can do. If you need an opportunity like that email me. I will gladly take you in my team ( of one so far), but you never know. It could turn out successful and may make money.   (
Can you tutor mathematics/statistics?
      I have been doing private tutoring in mathematics and statistics for past seven years. I have experience and clientelle. Believe me, it is not the worst emplyment while you are in college. If you are interested in helping me out email me. I am gethering a team of tutors to support the website that I am building.   (