Iouri Chadrine Interests
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Web Development
   Web devlopment became my hobby while I was taking Database Management course. We have studied the creation of dynamic webpages using Servlets and MySQL database. The course had opened many oportunities for me as a developer. I hope that I will be able to get an emplyment doing web design.
Building / Optimizing Computer Systems
   Since I was 11 years old, I liked to mess with the electronics. Computers were one of the things that I could get my hand on. I got interested in building my own systems since I was young. I used to build computers for my family and friends. Now, I do it as a hobby.
   Mathematics is my favorite science. I believe that it serves as a basis of almost every science. It develops your brain to think in many ways you never thought possible. Its fundamentals are simple and it gets progressively complicated.
   The game of poker allows me to utilize my mathematical ability and also my people skills. Taking calculated risks at the right (and sometimes wrong) times, give me the thrill and enjoyment.