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Student 2002
I am currently a senior at FIU. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I had an interest in that field since I was eleven years old. So far, FIU has provided me with challenging environment, which was not easy, but I enjoyed it. I do not want to obtain a masters degree in computer science, because at this moment I have recieved a foundation knowledge. And from now on I can educate myself in that field. Also, I want to get some experience in CS, so that I would know for sure that it will be a field of my career. However, I am planing to get Masters degree form FIU in Mathematical Sciences.

Sadly, I am no longer a student in a university, but I will always remain a student of life and my career. If a day goes by and I have learned nothing, it has been wasted. So bring on the knowledge, there is still plenty of space in my head!
Person 2002
As a person I am a workoholic. I like to go out, but very seldom. I am dedicated to my studies and working out. I do a lot of mental work and physical workouts help me balance my day. One of my many hobbies is messing up my computer and then fixing it. I am up to date on the newest hardware and always trying to be on the top of things, but sometimes I have financial shortages and that slows me down. I also enjoy Mathematics. I feel that it helps me to understand difficult concepts of Computer Science and other sciences. It definitely developed highly logical and quick in thinking person as myself.

Many things have changed since 2002. I have graduated, moved out, got a dog, got married, got a job, turned it into career, got bored, got promoted, and got fired. I am no longer a workoholic and I stopped breaking my computer. Technology moves so fast, that I get to upgrade it more often than I have a chance to break it. Mathematics is still useful and certainly gives me an edge when it comes to abstract/logical thinking.
Professional In November 2006, I finally got my work authorization. In December 2006, I have been offered a 1 month contract developer position, which turned into a 1.5 year full time freelance developer position, which then turned into a 2.5 year full time permanent developer position, which then became a 1 year permanent promotion to a tech lead. I have learned and experienced a tremendous amount, which is priceless. I have done extensive front-end, back-end, server management, deploys, hosting, estimates, planning, architecture, developer management and guidance, optimization, benchmarking, monitoring, digital design, and so much more. At this point I find myself unemployed, ready, and willing to provide all of my services to a company that will allow me to reach my potential and not hold me back.
Gone Clubbing - September 7,2002
The Herald Hunt - November 3, 2002
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