Iouri Chadrine COP4226
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Course Title Advanced Windows Programming
Professor Tim Downey
Course Website
Course Contents

Basic Content

  • MFC Library Application Framework
  • AppWizard
  • Basic Event Handling, Mapping Modes, and a Scrolling View
  • Graphics Device Interface, Colors, and Font
  • Modal Dialog Windows and Windows Common Controls
  • Modeless Dialog and Windows Common Dialogs
  • Win32 Memory Management
  • Windows Message Processing and Multithreaded Programming
  • Menus, Keyboard Accelerators, the Rich Edit Control, and Property Sheets
  • Toolbars and Status Bars
  • Separating the Document from Its View
  • Reading and Writing Documents - SDI Applications
  • Reading and Writing Documents - MDI Applications
  • Printing and Print Preview
  • Splitter Windows and Multiple Views
  • Context-Sensitive Help
  • MFC Programs Without Document or View Classes